Thursday, April 11, 2013

Animal Crossing New Leaf Video Journels

I ran across a couple of video journals on YouTube that I thought I would share here, though I'm sure most real Animal Crossing enthusiasts have probably already seen them. - This guy is funny, especially when dealing with situations where he's not sure what's going on due to playing the Japanese version of Animal Crossing New Leaf.  I'd also recommend going through his playlist and view the Animal Crossing New Leaf dream diaries.  Good stuff.

LIN & Ko. - Not quite as funny as the previous journal but what they lack in laughs they more than make up for in content.  I think, at this time, there's somewhere around 50 videos they've uploaded detailing the daily grind that is Animal Crossing New Leaf.  Though the game shown is the Japanese version, Lin and Ko do a fantastic job of translating the texts in the game or describing what's going on.  Check it out!

Any other Animal Crossing video journals I should be watching?

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