Sunday, April 14, 2013

Animal Crossing Meme

On my main blog I often participate with memes from  Sunday Stealing so I thought it would be fun to create a meme here at Population Growing.  I didn't create these questions, I just stole them from some random Animal Crossing site on tumblr.  Anyone who wants to participate, hit me up with a comment and I'll check out your answers on your blog.  Enjoy!

1.   Your favorite neighbor?
I think my favorite neighbor of all time would have to be Pudge, he's the man!

2.   Your first town name? 
Valhalla.  I'm not sure why I chose Viking heaven as my first town name in Animal Crossing on the GameCube but I've always used that name in every version of the game I've played.

3.   Your favorite event?
That's a difficult questions.  Probably either the Halloween event with Jack or the the Christmas event with Jingle.
4.   The first thing you do when you play?
Usually check my mail if there is any.  If there's no mail I go on the daily money rock/fossils hunt.
5.   Favorite K.K. Slider song? 
A Forest Life, at least in the Wild World version.

6.   Most annoying character?
Probably Phyllis for being such a hag or Tom Nook for his methods of indentured servitude at the beginning of each game.

7.   A guilty pleasure? 
Writing inappropriate letters to my animals or giving them inappropriate greetings and catchphrases.

8.   The thing you’re most proud of doing?
So far having nearly 10 million bells in the back on my Wild World game.  I know it's not a lot but I've never time traveled or cheated in all the years I've played on that particular game.

9.   Favorite place in town?
The beach, where I spend most of my time fishing.

10.  Your favorite personality type?
The lazy characters, they're usually the funniest.

11.  A neighbor you used to love but now hate?
No one comes to mind.  To be honest I don't interact with my neighbors very often expect maybe in Wild World just to get them to like me enough to give me their picture.

12.  Favorite NPC?
I've always liked Gulliver.  How could you not like a drunken sailor washed up on the beach, or flying around in a flying saucer, depending on which version of the game you're playing!

13.  Best hour song?
I like the late evening music the best but I can't specify a song name or time.

14.  Something that makes you happy?
Just playing the game usually makes me happy.  I'm sure most people who know me think I'm a little odd, a nearly 40 year old dude playing these kinds of games.

15.  The last neighbor to move into your town?
Mitzi in Wild World, the only version I'm actively playing right now.

16.  A neighbor you miss?
Most definitely Pudge.

17.  Your favorite outfit?
I really like the gaming outfits in City Folk.  Like the Link outfit from The Legend of Zelda or the Samus helmet from Metroid.

18.  Favorite way to make money?
Fishing most times or catching tree beetles in the late summer.

19.  Most annoying thing to do?
Having to mail fossils to be identified in the original GameCube version.

20.  The best part of the game?
Trying to complete inventories and trading/selling/buying with people online.

21.  The worst  K.K. Slider song?
I can't think of one I dislike off the top of my head.

22.  Something you wish you could do in the game?
Swim or go to the island in the newer games.  Both these features will be back or available in New Leaf for the 3DS.

23.  Your favorite furniture set?
I like the Ancient series quite a bit as well as the Modern series.

24.  A neighbor you hate?
 Olivia.  I always seem to get that skank in my towns no matter what version I'm playing.
25.  Something you wish they would remove from the game?
Pitfalls.  An utterly useless and annoying item.

26.  Something that reminds you of someone/somewhere?
I think of my niece Brandy sometimes when I play.  She's one of the few people that I played with online on Wild World and City Folk that I actually knew in real life.

27.  A neighbor or NPC who is most like you?
Blathers.  I like my sleep!

28.  A neighbor you like to annoy?
Most of them.  If I really want to get one of them to move out of town then I hit them with my tools a lot or shove them around until they get angry.

29.  Your favorite season?
Summer.  It has the most money making opportunities.
30.  Why did you started playing Animal Crossing?
A long time ago I used to read the now defunct  There was a guy on the site who wrote a series of diaries about an Animal Crossing game he was playing while living in Japan, I believe he was actually playing the Nintendo 64 version of the game.  I remember the entries he wrote to be hilarious and immediately knew I had to have this game when it came out on the GameCube.  Since then I've purchased every incarnation of Animal Crossing on its release day.  Good livin'!

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