Friday, August 20, 2010

Animal Crossing Ahead Forums

The Animal Crossing Ahead Forums are probably one of the best resources for Animal Crossing information and discussion. I used to frequent the site a lot when I was playing Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk daily. I especially liked the Trades and Meetings Category for setting up online trades with other players or bidding on auctions or auctioning off items I didn't need anymore.

The site had been down for the majority of this year I believe but I found yesterday that it was back up and running. Check it out. As I said, definitely a great resource for information as well as a great place to find people to play with online.

Return to Animal Crossing?

Maybe. I dusted off the old Wii last night and popped in Animal Crossing: City Folk. The last time I had played a full day within the game was on March 8th! I've been reluctant to play the game since my Wii is on it's last leg. I figure what's the point of playing if I'm going to purchase a new Wii sometime in the near future and have to start a completely new game of Animal Crossing (there is no way to transfer the save game files from one Wii to another).

I guess I may try to get back into the game for now and if I do purchase a new Wii I can always connect them together through the Internet and move over any items I want to keep from the first save game file. To make a long story short, perhaps I'll be updating a bit more often.